Smallville Every Episode ❤ moments  - Tempest 1.21

“The best part about not being ‘the one that he loved’ is that you can be the one that he’s everything else with. I got to be flawed, I got to struggle, I got to succeed, I got to be a hero, I got to be a villain. I got to do all of these sort of things. My character was really such a lovely patchwork quilt of so many different areas of human evolution; It was a real privilege.”

Allison Mack talks Chlark at Megacon 2014 [x]

“We never say Tom, because I think Tom was such a figurehead and such a central point of the show it’s sort of like, ‘obviously!’. But he, Tom was, he has the most blue-collar work ethic as far as, he shows up, he’s always prepared, he always has his best foot forward, he’s always in a good mood. He was a very consistent, solid lead for our show. I think a big part of why we were so successful is because of Tom and his attitude. I want to make sure he doesn’t go unmentioned, because he was a really strong leader for us.”

Allison Mack, Megacon 2014 [x]


From this weekend’s convention: As Allison signed the photo, she said: “There are a lot of photos of me gazing adoringly at Tom Welling. He’s a wonderful man.”


1x21 → Tempest (Part 4)

Clark. Before you unload your anger on me can I just say that I think it is incredibly unfair that everyone trusts me to keep their secrets then they turn around and they throw me attitude for keeping somone else’s secret.